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Discover your own pool paradise with Aviva Pools

Build your paradise at home where you can enjoy life and create beautiful memories with your family and friends. Owning your own pool will ensure years of fun and laughter that will bring countless moments to remember, being surrounded by the ones you love.

We are offering the world’s most dynamic in-ground, composite fiberglass swimming pools available with state-of-the-art technology, designed and built with integrity, care and love. Having your own pool will elevate your daily life and set the stage for years of creating beautiful memories.

Owning your personal swimming pool is about creating your own unique outdoor oasis. It is not merely the addition of a pool but an acknowledgement of what is truly important in life: to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

At Aviva Pools, we do not simply offer the world’s best composite fiberglass swimming pools, spas and tanning ledges. Yes, we build our one-piece, in-ground swimming pools with the highest precision available, within strict factory-quality-controlled conditions, one by one, with trusted and experienced professional hands. Yes, what we offer is backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. However, that is not only what we build and what we are able to deliver to you and your family. We believe we are also delivering dreams.

By selecting an Aviva swimming pool, you are telling the world not only who you are but also offer an expression of what a better world can be. A world full of possibilities, of joy, of hope and laughter. A world that you create in your own backyard.

Every Aviva Pool is covered by our world-class Lifetime Warranty

At Aviva Pools, we take great pride in the delivering of dreams to families all across the country. With a commitment to ethical practices and a sense of responsibility to uphold, we ensure that each and every Aviva Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool meets the high standards you expect from us. This quality embodies a promise that is reflective of the values we stand for.

Aviva Pool Styles

The Vogue

Dramatic splash stage. Tri-sided step series. End to end swimming channel. Deep end step out with bench seat.
Available in 40’, 35’, and 30’

The Chic

Flat bottom pool. Generous series of entry steps. End to end swimming channel.
Available in 21’

The Luxe

Built-in spa. Dramatic splash stage. Tri-sided step series. End to end swimming channel and seats.
Available in 40’, 35’, and 30’

The Serene

Built-in spa. Elegant splash pad. Welcoming swim area. Deep end swim out step and bench seat.
Available in 37′, 32′, and 27′

The Dynasty

Bold splash pad and stage. Shallow end step down. Deep end extended bench. Full swim channel.
Available in 35′, 30’, and 26’

The Eden

Freeform sanctuary. Elegant splash pad. Welcome swim area. Swim out steps and bench seating.
Available in 37’, 32’, and 27’

The Apex

Full-width splash pad. Full-length bench/ entry steps. Three lengths offered for spacious enjoyment.
Available in 40′, 35′, and 30′

The Ovation

Full-width splash pad. Full-length bench/ entry steps. Provided in more compact sizes.
Available in 30′, 26′, and 23′

The Intrigue

Pool. Splash Pad. Built-in spa. Full length bench. Three lengths offered for maximum thrills.
Available in 40′, 35′, and 30′

The Triumph

Everything in one compact package. Pool. Splash Pad. Built-in spa. In two compact sizes.
Available in 30′ and 26′

Aviva Pools - Signature Spas

Your personal spa paradise

Aviva Pools spas are designed to give you the features you want to suit your lifestyle. Whether it be robust spa jets to soothe your shoulders, back and thighs or returns that direct calming water against pressure points, you determine the experience that is right for you to meet the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Offered as standalone editions or as integrated accompaniments to select models in our existing range.

The Round Jewel

Relax and unwind with pulsating streams of water against your body. Available with a spillover option.

The Square Jewel

Immerse yourself into a calming sea of warmth in ergonomic seating. Available with a spillover option.

The Oracle

An escape from the world within a spa featuring open seating areas. Available with a spillover option.

Aviva Pools - Tanning Ledges

Explore our range of sun decks to add even more fun to your pool life

Whether you call it a tanning ledge, a sun deck or a water platform, everyone will call it fun. Tanning ledges are perfect for enjoying the sun within a lounge chair or Ledge Lounger while feeling the refreshment of cool water around you. It provides families with small children the ability to enjoy their pool with greater security. Tanning ledges with under a foot of water also allow dogs and pets to be playful in the water without the pressure of being in the pool. A number of accessories can be added, including water jets, bubblers or sun umbrellas. Ask your Aviva Pools dealer how your own tanning ledge can make your life even more enjoyable.

The TL-C

Unwind in this contoured design that features one curved side to match the esthetic of freeform pools. A design featuring one curved side to match the esthetic of many freeform pools.

The TL-R

Relax in this beautiful rectangular design that perfectly accompanies straight wall swimming pools. A rectangular edition that allows it to accompany straight wall swimming pools.


Enjoy your time in this exclusive design that maximizes the experience and offers more space. The design option to maximize the experience and accommodate more chairs, umbrellas and water jets.

Aviva Pools - Boutique Color Palette

Inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth, our collection of breathtaking gelcoat surface colors sets the standard of performance with excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance while allowing you to stylize and customize your swimming pool to help create your personal slice of paradise.

Santorini Sky

Wrap yourself in sophistication, elegance, and style as Santorini Sky elevates your senses in timeless fashion.

Tahiti Blue

Paradise is in your backyard with the cool, refreshing tropical breezes that seem to envelope you within a vibrant blue.

Maldives Blue

Find yourself within the arms of a more subdued and gentle blue that seemingly whispers you into another world.

Amalfi Turquoise

This color beckons you to the coast, filled with memories of blue-green waters below beachside villas and grottos.

Seychelles Sand

A truly natural color that allows light to pass through it during the day, but quietly captures it at night to create a dazzling display of color.

Exuma Silver

Accents of blue diamonds sparkle inside a foundation of light grey allowing it to create a glorious display of energetic color.

Gibraltar Grey

Feel the warmth and strength within its classic grey foundation and yet be fascinated with the blue specks that add mystery and glamour.

Bora Bora Black

A dazzling, modern and contemporary color that finds a way to shine through the integration of white and blue highlights.