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The biggest concern we see with fiberglass swimming pools are that the pools’ gelcoat color is fading. Customers will believe that their pools are losing their color and/or “turning white.” What is actually happening is that many pool owners are allowing their water chemistry to be out of balance, in many cases, allowing the calcium within their pools to build up to an elevated rate. Instead of the pool “losing color,” what it is actually doing is gaining calcium. The chemicals are building up on the pool walls and as a result, masking the pool’s true color.

It is recommended that pool owners clean the surface of their pool once a month. This is easily done by using a sponge or soft rag along with a non-abrasive cleaner. Remember to not use any harsh cleaners, metal scrapers, brushes, steel wool or sandpaper that could harm your swimming pool’s surface. Doing this will void your gelcoat warranty.

Note that even if you have some scratches, that these can be buffed out, if necessary. Consult with your pool dealer to determine what the proper course of action should be.

Calcium deposits and hardness can be removed – if caught early in the process. It will take a re-balancing of the water chemistry and a small amount of time, but it can be reversed. Left too long by itself, however, it will require it to be scrubbed out. In severe cases, this could require refinishing your pool which would carry a price tag in the $7,000 – $10,000 range.  In other words, a little love and attention to your pool will go a long way to sustained happiness.